Carol Scudder

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Some people don't really care about food. I am not one of those people.

I cook all the time, at home or away, for clients, for friends and family, or just for myself.  Mainly because I love to eat - but I also love the act itself;  to take separate ingredients and change them into something satisfying and delicious, simple or complex, humble or beautiful or all of the above. It's the stuff of history, of individual freedom and community - all bound up together. Cooking is powerful and meditative and stressful and fun. It is a merging of art and craft that will feed you, literally and figuratively, for the rest of your life.

I know some people are scared of cooking - or just don't like it - or think it's too much trouble. I get that.

But what if you knew more about it?  Had some new recipes that were easy - tasty - healthy ... that would help wouldn't it? Yes! Of course it would! (I'm not shouting).

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