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I wish I was British (but Americanz can haz more hyperlinkzzz)

(feel free to read this post in any sort of British accent you like) (and I may accompany it with a video of my doing so in future)
So yes. One reason I wish I was British is because I've been watching Downton Abbey (BBC show set in World War I England). I just started this season, so haven't even seen the first season yet. - ! - I added that exclamation point as an after-thought, because I really don't think it's so shocking but when I say it to people who've been watching the show from the beginning, they are - rather - shocked! The first season, so I hear, is better than the second season. But I'm enjoying the second season quite a lot, thank you very much. So kindly leave me to bollocks. No - that can't be right. Bollocks are balls I believe. Don't leave me to balls - but do leave me.
No don't. Please stay - and kiss me hard on the mouth just as a servant comes in and drops our tea.  Heirlooms shattering hither and yon, she picks up the pieces with shaking hands and blurts out that my cousin, my childhood love whom I continue to love - young Lord Bendenlilly, has died, tragically, in an accident involving a roadster and a panel truck that collided en route to The Front.
Like so many shows about worlds I'm only vaguely familiar with, I don't always follow. I have trouble understanding and remembering their names and keeping up with how they're related; though they are, it seems, all related somehow.  Regardless - I find it enriching.
But it's not just that show. What about Adele? . How cute is she? And her accent? And her moxy?? And whatever the British equivalent for moxy is. Pluck? Yes it's pluck. I'm sure of it. I had pluck once.
OH don't be a ninny. I shan't be. I'm dreadfully sorry. I still have pluck and moxy and will hang onto both as long as I can.
Also - many other people wish they were British. All you have to do is type "I Wish I Was British" into Youtube and you'll see entries like: I wish I was British or I really wish I was British.
But - they're just kids. What they know could fit on the head of a pin. Not like me - a grown woman. What I know would completely cover the heads of many giant pushpins - like these - from the super-sized website Great Big Stuff.
I find that as one ages, one can't help gathering more knowledge - unless one goes to a great deal of trouble not to do so, don't you agree?
Oh - honestly. It's not that I don't want to be American. For I can't begin to imagine being anything else, not really. Though I can imagine having a National Healthcare Service like this - its not perfect but they'd never give it up - as opposed to this - we spend more but our results aren't that great - and finally - there's this - brought to my attention by the instructor of my (seriously - terrific) "How to Blog" class: It's an adorable blog by a man from Norfolk. It proposes to, in the words of the author, provide: "... regular interesting articles about the fact that NOTHING EVER BLOODY HAPPENS TO ME!" And from what I can tell thus far - He succeeds! Not much happens yet it's very interesting! Could an American do that? Possibly. But the accent helps. So do read his blog in a British accent as well, if you like.
But truly - if I were British - could I put this many hyperlinks in one blog post without becoming a laughing stock? Probably not. Which is why I shall remain American. Hand over heart.