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whattowritewhattowrite what to write? (e.g. Embrace the abundance!)

Argh!!!! I can't pick something to write about and then do the actual writing and then put it on my blog!!! The result of this sorry situation is that I've got three half finished, or more like half-started, blog posts sitting in draft mode like drunks on a corner (e.g. doin' nobody no good!). And when I say to myself, "You really need to sit down and write something for your blog", my brain makes a buzzing noise, like the TV from my childhood when all the channels went off the air for the night.
That's right kids - TV used to GO OFF THE AIR at midnight. They would play the national anthem, flag blowing in the wind, then nothing but static until the next morning when the channels returned. 
Well - that's my brain of late.
So ... how do I get my brain to keep the channels on? Does Time Warner have a Triple Play deal that includes "my brain"? Is there an "app for that"? Some "upgrade" to download?
There is not. It's just a matter of doing it - like now. Right now I'm doing it.
And now? Yes - still doing it. It's called "jumping in". Not like one gets "jumped in" to a gang (sure - I keep up with gang lingo. In case I'm ever invited to join one) but rather like one jumps into a lake. See? I sat down and started writing about having trouble deciding what to write about.
Next step? I googled it. And found sites like this: And also this: - this sounds very convincing - but costs $87 - which I can't afford right now. (though I might look into it a little later ... ) And also this: - which advises  "write down easy concrete details about your day to grease the wheels" and "give yourself permission to just start without having to finish or write something amazing".
All good advice. And there's piles more of course - but just these few did the trick for now. (but BEWARE over-googling - else you'll get lost in a place like this: foster kitten adopts tiny rescue chihuahua
NEVER THE LESS - my searching paid off. That "Social Media Examiner" site led me (somehow) to a news flash on about the definition of Santorum ("frothy mix of etc etc") no longer being the first thing that pops up when one googles Santorum - (though it's still prominent - tee hee), which led me to read the 2003 AP interview that inspired Dan Savage to put that definition (frothy mix) on Google in the first place - plus another link, not related to that frothy topic, that gave me an idea for at least one future post. So - carpe diem. Jump in. And my conclusion is thus: This particular "writer's block" was akin to struggling to pick the best thing to cook for dinner without even entering the store. I was paralyzed in the parking lot. Instead of just going in, grabbing a cart and seeing what inspired! So from now forward - I'll just go into the damn store and pick something! Or perhaps - just look in my freezor/pantry/fridge and realize that I didn't even need to go to the store in the first place - except to find that picture of the kitten hugging a chihuahua - which was totally worth the trip.