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Why Deluxe Rice?

Yes - why indeed. Why start a new blog? Why call it Deluxe Rice? Why all that and more? I'll resist the overused "Why not?" - and the truly hackneyed "Because it was there". (which doesn't even apply since it wasn't "there" til I created it) - Instead, I'll be so un-hip and un-ironic as to just answer the question(s). Straight up.
Because I want a forum. A platform. A place to write more than a status update on Facebook or a Tweet and a place to link to my status updates and my (still quite infrequent) tweets. A place to work things out - to engage - and to write in a more public way. A place to (what did my friend Eevin say?) to expand my brand? - develop my brand? - get a brand? - something like that. And - truth be told - I accidentally deleted my old blog - "Works Well With Others".  It's a tedious tale of accidentally having two gmail addresses and trying to get rid of one and Google being very odd and control-ly about the whole thing. Who cares. I've moved on.
So why that name -"Deluxe Rice"?
According to the  Visual Thesaurus, (one of my favorite websites) synonyms for "deluxe" are: sumptuous - luxurious - grand - and so on. (Why not have goals?)
I also like the word's retro sound and its "diner menu" trick of making anything it's attached to sound fancy.
And "rice"?  I love rice. All kinds of rice. Brown, black, red, white, long grain, short grain, medium grain, and so on. Synonyms for rice (other than the obvious "grain") include - "sift" as in "to check and sort carefully" and "sieve" - as in "to separate out. To examine in order to test suitability". I like the notion that "rice" is both a noun and a verb, and that as a verb it implies careful analysis that results in a better, more nutritious product. That's what I like to do with information - with the things that "set me off" - with politics, with food, with people's behavior - with anything that interests me really. I like to examine it - to sift it - to "rice" it. So there you go. Deluxe Rice. It sounds delicious. Special. Valuable even. And that's my goal. To serve "Deluxe Rice" to anybody that wants a bowl - or a bite - or a bucket full if you like. Eat up.