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Sarah Palin© Wants You to Know What She Thinks© About Stuff

Hiya America©! I have terrible news. As you may have heard, "President Obama" is continuing to drag this country by the short hairs towards the Tyranny of Socialism© with his relentless push to "help" the American© people get affordable healthcare!
Everybody knows that The Foundin' Fathers© never mentioned healthcare when they made the Constitution© and the Bill of Rights© so it's a little late to be startin' it up now! Right?
Back when the Foundin' Fathers© rode into this country, or sailed in ... I know some came on boats but some definitely came on horses. I'm pretty sure. Anyway - the point is, they GOT here and they TOOK America© away from the Liberal Indians - who were paradin' around with hardly any clothes on! Their bare chiseled torsos shimmerin' in the sun, practically blindin' our poor, light sensitive Foundin' Fathers© who weren't used to so much sun because they had to stay indoors most of the time on account of those wigs they often wore which, believe me, are very hot. Not to mention the panty hose. Which I can tell you from experience can also be very hot. Wigs and panty hose are both really - really hot - and sometimes binding!
And speaking of binding - now it seems that Obama has us bound up in a deal with the Devil© and I'm not saying he's the actual Devil© but on the other hand I know from the Bible© that Satan© takes many forms so there's a very good chance that Obama IS Satan© at any given time. So he's got us all bound up in this tight, itchy sweater of Obamacare© and he's tryin' to tell us that it's cashmere but we, the American People© - we're not so dumb! We know it's not cashmere because we know what cashmere feels like! I remember that first cashmere sweater I got when I joined the Presidential Campaign© of Mr. John McCain© - it was from Neiman Marcus and it was soft as the belly of a fetal© Grizzly©. And I felt like a Mama Grizzly© when I was wearing it! Protecting her brand new cashmere fetal© Grizzly©! I said, "You kids get away from me with yer sticky fingers! Get anything on this fetal© Grizzly© sweater and you'll draw back a stump!" Ha ha!
But what was I talkin' about? OH right - the most insipid dangerous horrifyin' threat to our country to date - Obamacare©! Which this unconscionably "activist-judge-filled" Supreme Court just said was Constitutional©! It's disgusting! I can't believe I used to fantasize about what Chief Justice Roberts might be hidin' under his robes cuz he's pretty cute ya know and has good sized hands for a man of his height - but now? Forget it! He's crossed off my fantasy list forever and it's back to Justice Thomas as "Mandingo" pouring cans of coke and pubic hair all over my naked body. That's a fantasy I can rely on right? That'll never change! Right?
Wait - what was I talking about? OH right - "Obamacare's"© destruction of our entire Financial System©, Country© and World©. Ya know - The Sarah Palin Almost Vice Presidential Library that I just built (you're welcome ;-) has been doin' a study. It's on my website - it's got several colored detail-y charts that prove how if Obamacare© is allowed to provide affordable healthcare to millions of Americans our economy is going to implode, then explode, then implode again. Because we really rely on a certain number of people gettin' sick, stayin' sick and goin' bankrupt ya know? And those brave Patriots© who are willin' to GET and STAY sick AND go bankrupt to help our economy? They don't need him keepin' them from bein' the Patriots© they wanna be! He's so selfish!! And if he and that Michelle (she thinks she's so pretty!) think that they can just SIT there in the White House - RUININ' our Country© by keepin' people from bein' Patriots©?? Well they've got another think comin'! Which they'll probably LOVE cuz they're all about thinkin' aren't they? Well you just keep thinkin' "President Obama"© - cuz NOW you know what I think! God© Bless America© everybody! And please give generously to the Sarah Palin Almost Vice Presidential Library Expansion Fund! (I'm addin' a wing!) (you're welcome!! ;-).