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Revamp - Reboot - Retool - Repeat - and Happy New Year!

OK - It's 2013!!!!
And I'm starting a revamp - a reboot - a retool - for the New Year.
For one thing - I'm doing a "Health Thingie" - like ... an actual organized one - I'm part of a "program" - that shall remain nameless for now - as I had to sign a confidentiality agreement. Seriously.  But screw it - I'll tell you what it is. Myself, Queen Latifah, Kirstie Alley, Terry Bradshaw, Marie Osmond, Charles Barkley and Bruce Vilanch are being sent to an island with nothing but forks, one box of matches, a cross-bow and a case of Sensa¬©!
No - that's not it. It's better than that. And involves no travel. Which is fine, as I'm in the mood to stay home anyway.  I'll tell you about it later, in dribs and drabs - and will report on "how I'm doing" from time to time - here. Anyway. It starts Monday - Jan 14th. What what? That's right - Monday.
also -
I'm reengaging with my blog. This blog. Deluxe Rice. And ... adding a food element.
So - I'll write and publish on it more often (more that every 2 to 3 months??? However will you manage Carol???) (Shut up)
and - those postings will often have to do with food - and cooking and other food related stuff. As well as my 'thoughts and ramblings' on current events. I will somehow - somehow - try to make that "work". Not even in quotes. But actually make it work. Non-ironically.
I'll also be working on - my interview podcast idea - splashing into the voice-over pool - and acting that isn't just about auditioning for commercials. (though I'll totally take more commercial auditions too - so - let's keep those coming in Universe, 'kay? - and let's book a bunch of 'em! Woohoo!!!! And now - let's go! All Skate!