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Make this: Broccoli children will eat!

I made this for a job a couple of nights ago - for 15 people (used 2.5 bunches of broccoli - should have used 3. Everyone raved about it. After the plates were cleared, the nanny (for two of the three toddlers at the table) ran into the kitchen and said "You've got to tell me how you made that! Maxie's never eaten broccoli - but he ate two servings of that!"
I gave her this recipe.
Children - will eat this broccoli.
Adults will to. 

Roasted Broccoli

1 bunch broccoli (though you might as well go ahead and get 2 - or 3 - because this is so good)
extra virgin olive oil
salt - pepper
fresh lemon

heat oven to 475
wash broccoli and cut florets - not too big - not too small - you know - medium-y. Also - if you're lucky enough to have broccoli with stalks - peel them - putting them on your cutting board and running a sharp knife - like a good paring knife - around them - laterally, e.g. "sideways" - like they are little logs and you're peeling the bark off of them. Then cut them into chunks about an inch or so - again - medium-y (they're pretty if you cut them on the bias - e.g. "at an angle".
toss with olive oil - 2 tsp - 3 at most (really - TEASPOONS - not tablespoons) - will be enough for one bunch of broccoli - add salt and pepper - but not lemon - not yet.
Put on a flat baking pan - like a jelly roll pan - and make sure the pieces aren't too crowded. They need a little space between them - don't let them be all piled up like puppies.
Put in hot oven - and wait - when you start to smell it - it will smell like you are cooking broccoli over a campfire (kind of) - then take the pan out and toss the broccoli around a little. Put back in the oven. Keep an eye on it (with your nose) Once you get used to this method - you'll be able to smell when it's ready. The goal is for it to be tender enough to chew - a little more tender than "crisp tender" - but not "smoushy". It should have some black/brown - caramelized spots and the ends of the florets should be getting a singed look to them. Once that has happened - but not until it has happened - it's ready. Adjust seasoning - adding more salt as needed - and spritz with fresh lemon juice. DELICIOUS!!