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This is my writing page. I am a brilliant writer.  

That's what you call POSITIVE POSITIONING - or - The CONFIDENCE ADJUSTMENT (I remember that from Improv) -

The deal is - my writing page is a work in progress - I've a wee writer's resume, but it's not going to stay "wee" - it's growing and will soon go from wee to TREE ... (something like that ... meanwhile - you can check my blogs - Deluxe Rice and Minute Rice ... also on this website!) -

Keep an eye on me won't you?




New York Solo Performance

Miracle Jiffy

A housewife invents the perfect household device. Performed in NYC at HERE Center for the Arts, Uptown Underground, Rumble in the Red Room, and Galapagos.

Hoary Frost

A woman from the future longs for simpler times. Performed at HERE Center for the Performing Arts, Uptown Underground, and Galapagos.

The French Chef

A French chef struggles with his secret desire to be kind to waiters. Performed at Uptown Underground, The Rumble in the Red Room. NYC

A Perfect World

A rich socialite dreams of reinstating slavery as a social program. Commissioned and performed by the Drilling Company at 78th St. Theater Lab


This is a space that will have cool quotes in it soon!

- Says me -
— check back ...

New York Comedy Writing and Performing

Head Games

One-person show for actress, Sheila Head, performed at Ars Nova NYC and I.O.West in LA.

The Terrible Black Crystal of Grief

Sketch comedy show. The Present Company Theatre, and Solo Arts Group. Performed by Carol Scudder, Sheila Head, Brian Russell, Michael Irvin and Dana Slamp. Directed by Jeff Hassler and Shelley Delaney.

Ask Dr. Orlandi

Parody of Dr. Laura show, performed in NYC at Uptown Underground

Old Mr. Peterson

1930’s movie parody, love, death and the perfect martini. Performed at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY and Uptown Underground, NYC.

The Vickie and Nickie Dream Tour

A musical/comedy sister act with Lori and Lisa Brigantino,  from the band, Les Zeppelin. Playing everything from guitar, saxophone, triangle and accordion, Vickie and Nickie, “sisters from Hibbing Minnesota”, tell stories and perform everybody’s favorite hits. Performed at Don’t Tell Mama, Dixon Place, The Duplex – NYC.



Waitress in Diner – My story as a day-player on The Sopranos.


Recordings, Spoken Word

Miracle Jiffy

On CD, WoW, Women of Williamsburg, Lulu records, Fall 2000.